Cosmetic Ingredient

The INCI system (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) standardizes the names and classification of these ingredients so that the contents in any given cosmetic product can be identified. 

Cosmetic ingredients include formulators, derivatives and preservatives as active or inactive ingredients. 

The raw materials in cosmetics consist of both natural and synthesized ingredients in categories such as waxes, oils, pigments, chemicals and other ingredients of soaps, cosmetics and related products.

Packaging for the Cosmetic Ingredient Industries

Darbox is present in the cosmetic ingredient markets with leading packaging solutions for powders, crystals, granulates and more.

An example of how Darbox delivers to the Cosmetic Ingredient Industry:

A well recognized company produces and exports cosmetic ingredient materials to both national and international markets. They used two metal drums, a 75 L size to package 50 kg and a 40 L size to package 25 kg. Some of their products are hygroscopic and a gasket was required on the lids to improve the sealing and water absorption of the closed drum.

For years they had used this metal packaging, despite issues with dents and rust, production issues with workers injured by the metal clamp ring closure, and warehouse and transport inefficiencies due to the heavy round metal drums.

How could they improve the package and efficiencies, as well as ensure the safety and security of their products?

Darbox stepped in with an excellent solution to replace their standard metal drums. The solution – a 70 liter SquarePack™ container to pack the 50 kg product and a 45 liter SquarePack container to pack the 25 kg product.


The SquarePacks are high-quality packaging which met and surpassed the exacting requirements of this company, and gave excellent value in terms of the cost- and space-saving shape, quality, capability, and ease-of-use. The plastic 100% recyclable material is resistant to dents and rust is not an issue, as well as being light-weight and easy to handle compared to metal drums. The company also took advantage of various color options to identify and brand each product individually.

Now, the company can pack their products inside the heavy-duty 70L and 45L SquarePack containers without risk of the former issues. The integrity of their products is assured, supply chain costs are improved due to minimizing transport and storage costs, and both the company and their customer benefit.

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