Agricultural and Animal Markets

The agricultural industry includes a product categorized as biocides.

Biocides include pesticides, herbicides and other specialized chemicals used in agriculture to inhibit or kill pests and weeds, thus improving crop yields.

The animal industry includes both animal health products (drugs, medicines and supplemental products) and also animal food products.

Packaging for the Agricultural and Animal Industries

Darbox is present in the agricultural and animal markets with leading packaging solutions for granulates, powders, tablets, capsules and more.

An example of how Darbox delivers to the Animal Industry:

When it comes to Koi Carp, many people appreciate the beauty of these wonderful fish but few are aware of the costs involved in raising and sustaining them. A fully grown adult can be worth thousands of dollars, but it doesn’t stop there. To ensure continued good health they need a small pharmacy of medications and some very special, and expensive, food stock.

The best Koi food, a high-value animal food, is said to be produced only by Japanese companies, and this is the choice of most Koi breeders around the world. Unless properly packaged and stored, this food is environmentally sensitive and any contamination can cause severe problems for these gourmet animals.


One speciality Koi company, a high volume importer of Japanese Koi food for distribution throughout Europe, was seeking a very specific packaging solution to support a high profile marketing campaign. The Darbox SquarePack™ 601 21L container was the perfect solution.

With the strength and security that comes from a UN certified product line, the 21L SquarePack 601 provided a safe storage medium for the food pellets and the wide range of colours and labelling options easily offered the branding that the companys’ marketing department was seeking.

Another satisfied Darbox customer, and a wealth of happy, healthy Koi. 

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