Darbox Containers and the Environment

Darbox containers are designed to enable you to get closer to this goal.

Eco-Friendly, Food Grade materials

The low density of plastics means that more packaging can be made per kilogram of raw material.  Darbox containers are made from plastic raw materials HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene) and each part is mono-material and 100% recyclable. These are organic materials, and the production of polyethylene requires considerable less energy than in the production processes of other materials. They have a similar calorific (energy) value to oil which can be recovered in modern energy recovery facilities to produce heat and electricity and conserve landfill space.  They contain no plasticizers, are free from chlorine, sulphur, silicones and heavy metals such as cadmium, lead or other stabilizers, or substances that affect ground water. They have low toxicity risk and are food approved. 

Cost efficient and Sustainable design

In today’s world, Industrial Packaging is primarily for storage and transport from one business site to another, so the selection of which type to use is often based on fit to product to provide a secure and safe package, as well as on availability and of course on sustainability. Plastic containers and drums used as industrial packaging can help reduce environmental footprints due to their sturdy construction that is resistant to both weather and damage, allowing the products packaged inside to have a maximum shelf life, and also allowing re-use of the same package as it was originally intended in a repeated manner, perhaps multiple times.

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